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6 Best books for AFCAT Exam Preparation 2018 that Gives 100% Success in Exam


First of all, let you be introduced to the term of AFCAT that means Air Force Common Admission Test. The Indian Air Force has a role in the conduction of this test. As you all might know that the AFCAT exam is round the corner and these are the students who are most anxious at the time of the exam.

The AFCAT is held two times a year, the first month covering the February and the second month in August. the student may get informed about the exam procedure with the help of newspaper. There is no doubt that the candidate’s mug up a lot to do well in the exams.

Here have been jotted down the top lists of AFCAT books that help you prepare for the exam in a definite way. It is possible that you would have got through several books to help you pass the exam but there are some that are still confused about choosing the right one. Click for more

These books are highly recommended for the better preparation of the AFCAT exam.

1.AFCAT (Flying Technical & Ground Duty Branch)

This book is for those who want to do good in the AFCAT exam as it caters to everything required for the complete preparation for the exam. It has gained its value offering the topics regarding the Air Force. It makes the candidate aware of the contents on flying, technical and ground duty.

AFCAT (Flying Technical & Ground Duty Branch)

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2. AFCAT Solved Papers and Practice Sets 2017

The main highlight of the book is its content, including the step wise details concerning the AFCAT exam. It contains the set of solved questions removing any doubt regarding the AFCAT.

AFCAT Solved Papers and Practice Sets 2017-

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3.Let’s Crack AFCAT – Air Force Common Admission Test 2017

The book is published by the author SSBCrack. It is another AFCAT exam solution. The questions are quite easy to comprehend that everyone applying for the exam can feel connected to. The answers and details are to the point and will not get above the head.

Let's Crack AFCAT - Air Force Common Admission Test 2017

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4.AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test):

Previous Years’ Papers & Practice Test Papers (Solved): Previous Years’ Papers and Practice Test Papers (Air Force Common Admission Test – Solved) – This book has been published by RPH Editorial Board keeping in mind the information you might be requiring for the timely preparation of the exam. After doing the full research it has been brought to the candidates aspiring to get good marks in the exams.This book provides the solved questions of the past years and there are questions for your practice.

AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) 2017

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5.AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) Self Study Guide-cum-Practice Work Book – 1810

The questions are quite selectable providing you a clue about the question types. It provides the clear insight of the questions. It contains the whole curriculum and some of the best questions, the general awareness English Numerical Ability Reasoning model questions and Aptitude Test Model.

AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) Self Study Guide-cum-Practice Work Boo

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6. SSB Interview: The Complete Guide:

The Complete Guide- This guide book is the guaranty of your scoring good marks in the AFCAT exam. It contains the all-inclusive information regarding the exam that helps you reach the top rank.

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide

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What are the right ways to prepare for the AFCAT EXAM?

Preparing for the AFCAT exam is not a piece of cake to get through easily. It is seen that long before the examination candidates tend to cram a lot to do excel in the exam but the fact they forget is it is almost impossible to achieve the good score without understanding it.

1. Complete Research

First things first, it is important to gather a lot of information regarding the AFCAT exam on exactly what is the AFCAT for and what way they are going to be useful in the exam. The thing that has the high priority regarding the AFCAT is the pattern that the questions are set. You must be knowing about the topics covering the AFCAT, the system of marking, the highest marks scored, and the last and most essential thing is getting to know the element and types of the questions asked in the exams. These are the basic things that you should do while preparing for the AFCAT exam and following which you will be familiar with the term AFCAT. These are quite indispensable that you can’t ignore.

2. Take a good Decision

Many candidates are not able to make it good in the exam and end up getting a bad result. But this is the thing of past as the applying for the exams can score a good point reading the question paper carefully. It is up to you how you how you react seeing the difficult questions.

In order to get the 140 marks, you will have to attempt the 44 questions in the exam. It is not hard to get such 140 marks, as for that there are 44 questions divided into two parts and with the thorough and serious study, you can get through them.

If you are not sure of the particular question then it is good to skip that and move on to the next question. Don’t be stuck to the question you are unable to answer. As it is no good wasting time over such question that is difficult to answer.

3. Be a Speedy

In the AFCAT exam, the thing that matters the most is the speed you solve the questions at. It is compulsory to finish the paper within 2 hours. You can spare just 5 seconds on each question. The general knowledge part is required to cover with great speed, then comes the English sections where it does not take much time to get through and the other remaining parts are Mathematics and Military aptitude that is time-consuming. So it is suggested that don’t hurry answering the questions and you need be panic if you are not familiar with the question.

4. Purchase AFCAT book

If you are not satisfied preparing through the solved question papers then you are recommended to look up to AFCAT book. You can get it online. Here is a full syllabus of the exam giving you an idea of the questions patterns. It is beneficial as it will expand your knowledge about the same topic.

This way you will be more familiar with the term AFCAT and get to know about its every aspect as what is there or not what that you should read.


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