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GPAT exam which means Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test is held on the national level by All Inia Council for Technical Education per year instructed by Ministry of Human Resource Development and Government of India. It has a great significance worldwide so those who are thinking of apply for the exam must be reading the best books that should make them topper. This exam has the duration of three hours so you must be fully prepared for the exam and that could be possible only when you have come across the right and proper book.

Here is listed down some of the best books that are highly recommended to the applicants. Each of these books is provided with links so you get access to the books of your choice and crack the exam. with ease. These books are highly appreciated when looking for the solid and brief explanations.

Lists of books for the best preparation of the exam. 

1.The Pearson Guide to GPAT and Other Entrance Examination in Pharmacy

This book is an excellent attempt of the publishers that bring the fundamentals regarding the subject. 

The Pearson Guide book is designed to recruit for the exam in Pharmacy. This book is the division of the six sections based on the latest curriculum and reading which you can get the unsurpassable result in the exam. Reading through each page you will notice that the contents are quite simple and easy to comprehend. There is a brief explanation of every topic making you able to memorize the words at ease. The speciality of the book is its elaborated mention on the NIPERJEE that comes with the combination of model questions for practice.


The Pearson Guide to GPAT and Other Entrance Examination in Pharmacy

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2.GPAT Cracker (2017)

This book is an excellent attempt of the publishers that bring the fundamentals regarding the subject. It provides the brief mention on the theory and covers the questions of the previous years that you can practice and achieve the good marks. 

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3.GPAT: A Companion

As pe the name, this GPAT book guide may prove top be a good companion to those who want to crack the exam tension free. It contains the solved questions and answers for you to practice if you have hit each of themm then you will get closer to the marks of your dream. 

GPATA Companion

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4.COMPETE PHARMA ( A Guide For Preparation Of GPAT/NIPER/BITS/CEEB/CET And Other Pharma Competitive Exams.

This competitive pharma is the complete guide for the ones who are going to enroll on pharmacy. This book is the one hand solution containg the whole topics and syllabus. It contains the solution and answers in the descriptive lamguage clearing all doubts of the aspirants one and for all. 


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5.Synopsis for GPAT

This book brings everything from introduction to the  detailed mention of topics step-wise. Reading from this book help the aspirants to not just pass the exam but also get you scored praising marks. The contents have been kept simple in language to make anyone relate to the syllabus. When you have prepared with this book, you will become fully familiar to the questions coming up in to the exam. 

Synopsis for GPAT

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6.Guide to GPAT 2011: Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test

This book contains the information summarized with clear and exact explaination. It is provied with pharmautical topics helping you give the full prepaation. Buying this book, you will get your doubts cleared to the larger extent. Aspirants are sure to cover the all neccessary topics including the syllabus. 

Guide to GPAT

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It contains the solved questions of the last years and an additional questions with the latest patterns. By fully analyze the information included you can be capable of standing among the toppers. There are several questions on drugs giving you an idea of the questions related to the pharmacy topics. 


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This pharmacognosy MCQs book includes the objectives regarding the several drugs and medicines. It contains the information for the most of your knowledge learning which you get the rough hint of the questions asked in the exam. 


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10.A Hand Book of General & Dispensing Pharmacy

It includes the history of the pharmacy that will increase your knowledge more so you become able to apply  for the exam. It has given the discussions on the Pharmacy giving you thorough understanding of the topic to prepare you for the exam. It features the detailed mention of the topics covering the whole syllabus. 

A Hand Book of General & Dispensing Pharmacy

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How to prepare for the GPAT exam

Since GPAT EXAM is one of the important exams so it becomes the cause of worry over the best preparation. The aspirants tend to become nervous when it comes to approaching the exam. But it is vital to note that they can skillfully handle it and get over the anxiety over exam.

Most of the questions in the exam are  asked on the medicines  and drugs so you are suggested to  sharply memorize  everything related to the  medicines.

Numericals are the section that may leave you sweating when you have skipped it. Basically, there are five questions that get asked in the exam every year. The aspirants must look up to Pharmacokinetics, Posology, Micrometics and all.

Don’t hesitate  to study hard and if possible just sweat your guts out to attain the remarkable points in the exam that can make anyone feel proud of. Since there are limited time on each part so you can practice keeping in the mind the marks allotted in the exam.

In GPAT exam, if you notice the questions on the herbal medicines, there is no need to be panic if you have thoroughly prepared for the exam. But there are some who can’t handle this kind of situation when these questions sorts are  throwed at them. Coming to the conclusion, you can easily hit these sorts of questions with the careful planning and determination.

Be familiar with the every topics related to phermacy.

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