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7 Best Book for IES Exam Preparation 2018-19



The term IES has the following meaning Indian Engineering Services and this exam is conducted for the purpose of the technical and managerial post. The exam is exclusively held by the Government of India for the civil servants and officials. It is surprising that this exam is conducted worldwide. There are a large number of applicants applying for the exam. But it depends on the right selection of the books when thinking of recruiting for the above-mentioned post.

The aspirants will get a wide variety of books online that are promising the clear concepts and definite answers to the solution.

Lists of books for the IES exam preparation

1.IES-16 Electronics and telecommunication engineering conventional paper-I

This book aims to providing the p0rimary information about the engineering that will make your concept stronger.  The illustrative and solved examples are given to give you better practice scratch card is provided with this book at the end of the chapter. When you run this card you can get a code to r4egister online for the three practice questions sets.


IES-16 Elecyronics and telecommunication engineering conventional paper-I

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2.IES Electrical Engineering: Objective Papers I and II with Detailed Answers: 2nd Edition

The main suit of this book is its elongated explanation of the contents and topics. It meets the every need of the aspirants and helps to score good marks.  It is provided with the every necessary topic that are required in completing the syllabus. It contains the questions of the past years for practice. 


IES Electrical Engineering

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3.IES Civil Engineering (Conventional) Unsolved Question Papers

 The unsolved examples are given to give you better practice in an effective way. Once you have selected this book preparing for the exam you will definitely get success in the exam and will achieve the desired result.  

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4.IES_16 Mechanical Engineering Paper-II(objective)

This IES 16 Mechanical Engineering Paper book is provided with the MCQs to get through the exam. It contains the information regarding the subject in a precise manner that will be easier for you to understand.  If you have revises the questions form this book then you are sure to cover the half of the syllabus. 

IES_16 Mechanical Engineering Paper-II(objective)

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5.IES/GATE Hand Written Notes Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Complete Study material

This book has the solid contents with the notes provided with covering the whole syllabus in the discreet and exact language that any of the aspirants can relate to it. 



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6.Gateway to……..IES: Electronics & Telecommunication Engg, Electronics & Communication Engg 

This book is the platform that brings you the basic knowledge regarding the exam required to compete for the exam in an easy way. It is provided with the solved papers for practicing comprehensively. It also includes the theories and basic concepts related to the subject reducing the dependence on the other books to get the highest scores in the exam.

Gateway to

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7.Civil Engineering 2018: IES 10000 + Questions and Solved Papers 

 This book is published for the real and determined aspirants looking for clearing their doubts and clears to the larger extent. It makes your basics stronger than before so you are fully ready to apply for the post. The kind of reading this book gives is sure to get you the high rank among your pioneers. It has the questions of the last years with the long and detailed explanation of each of the answer. illustrative and solved examples are the things be highly appreciated of this book. The solved examples are the most effective way to prepare for the exam vigorously. 




Civil Engineering 2018

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How to prepare for the IES exam

This book provides the free set of three practice tests from the beginning to get the candidate started with the primary level of preparations. The students are sure to relate the formulas and numerical given in this book.

The exam is said to be the worrying factor among the candidates but when they prepare for the exam with utmost confidence, it seems to be handled automatically. If you are a weak student then you need to do more amount of hard work and with more attention. But this rule is not applied to the student who is of the intellectual but even then they also have to be focused on the preparation while examination.

The one of the most vital parts of passing the test is preparing DAF. It is required to learn the every small and necessary things during the exam it will show how prepared you are for the exam.

Try to memorize the name, date and place explained in the book. Since is all about the historical events so make sure you are not get confused between the dates, names as there are several mentions of the dates related to the history topic. You must be knowing about the current affairs for the knowledge of the various matters related to the nation.

While revising the MCQs, you are required to set the watch at the exact time and start preparing as per the set timing. Try to solve the questions including the whole syllabus within one hour with each of the4 topic allotted the fixed time. There are total 60 questions with the 120 markings.

Start from the beginning of the chapter and don’t move forward without getting the concepts thoroughly. Followed after, you should proceed further with topics. This way you will keep strengthening the concepts step by step.

When it comes to preparing for the conventional paper, keep your focus on the English as this is the section that will get you good marks. Try to improve your English language and grammar following the accuracy of the sentence.

Don’t make a mistake to pay all your attention on just on topic when you have completed the first topic then move on to the next one. This way you are going to cover the every topic related the exam.

Aspirants are needed to learn formulas of the numerical with symbols so it does not create trouble during the exam when you have question paper in your hand and you find it hard to get them.



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