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12 Best Books for MHT CET Engineering Exam Preparation 2018- Buy Here Online


MHT CET Exam is conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education abbreviated as DTE in the state of Maharashtra to apply for the post in the B.E, B,T ech, courses. This course can be done by those students who have finished their 12th. But will not be easy to crack this exam the students have to read as many books as possible. This post has listed down some of the most recommend books, these books are the best place for achieving the better understanding of the subjects. 

The list of books for the preparation of the MHT CET Engineering Exam

1.MHT-CET Guide Physics

This MHT-CET Exam Guide brings the collection of the objective questions based on the 12th Board. It is producing the correct study material being the edition of the year 2016. Practising the questions of the last year’s questions it is easy to get the clue of the question patterns. 

MHT-CET Guide Physics

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2.LSOFT MHT CET 2018 – PCM Postal Test series. Includes 84 Question Papers with detail Solution & 84 Practice OMR Sheets as per Examination Standard, with Computerized checking & Reporting facility

This book is compiled of 84 question papers along with 84 solutions giving the thorough preparation for the exam.  The more you practice these given questions , the more you get an idea of the questions popping up in the exam and you will be able to hit the questions you have been familiar to. 

LSOFT MHT CET 2018 - PCM Postal Test series. Includes 84 Question Papers with detail Solution & 84 Practice OMR Sheets as per Examination Standard, with Computerized checking & Reporting facility

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3.MHT-CET Guide Chemistry

The MHT-CET Chemistry Guide is the best-selling recommendation for the preparation of the exam. Practising this answer guide, this book brings the every necessary solution in a lucid manner. If you cover half of its chapter you are likely to get through the exam like nothing. It covers the solved answers for the reader’s practice. 


MHT-CET Guide Chemistry

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4.Complete Reference Manual MHT-CET 2017 Mathematics: 25/8/2015

This book is produced to give the insight of the topics related to exam.  It bri9ngs the tue and relaible contents to get admission in the Maharashtra State Engineering Entrance Examination. The book is the parted as per18 chapters including Mathematical Logic, Matrices, Trigonometric Functions, Pair of Straight Lines, Vectors, Three Dimensional Geometry, Line, Plane, Linear Programming, Continuity, Differentiation, Application of Derivatives, Integration, Definite Integrals, Applications of Definite Integrals, Differential Equation, Probability Distribution and Bionomical Distribution, along with the sub parts covering the syllabus in brief manner. 

Complete Reference Manual

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5.MHT-CET PCM Online Tests Series 2018

MHT-CET PCM Online Tests Series 2018

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This book provides the deep coverage of the full syllabus including in the exam. This Maharashtra State Government helds the Maharashtra State Engineering Entrance Examination (MHT CET) book is useful for taking up courses in the engineering line. This book covers the topics with questions of the previous years for the better preparation of the exam.

6.Marvel Chemistry for MHT-CET

The Marvel Chemistry book is useful in getting the highest score in the MHT-CET exam. Like many other MHT-CHT books, it also contains the MCQs to revise thoroughly but you will have to give all your effort to learn the concept from the book. 

Marvel Chemistry for MHT-CET

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7.Uttam MHT-CET Physics

The Uttam Physics MHT-CHT has the advanced level of questions along with easier one. A fascinating part of the book is it includes the questions based on latest patterns. 

Uttam MHT-CET Physics

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8.Engineering CUT-OFF 2016-2017 with MHT-CET, JEE & Merit Numbers for 2017-18 Admissions.

This book has the distinguished level of questions for cracking the exam with distinctive marks. It features the MCQs questions with the questions of the past years. Here, you get the complete information of the subject covering the syllabus. Preparing through this book, you can attain the desired marks in the exam. 

Engineering CUT-OFF 2016-2017 with MHT-CET, JEE & Merit Numbers for 2017-18 Admissions.

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9.Uttam MHT-CET Mathematics

This book is for the intense and deep understanding of the numricals and questions of the physics. It contains the questions with maximum marks so reading this book consider your preparation done. It includes the part 1 and part2 divided as per topics.

Uttam MHT-CET Mathematics

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10.Marvel MHT-CET Mathematics

It is recommended to get finished with the whole syllabus with full reading. The book featuring the chapter wise topics to excel in the marks. The presence of MCQs makes an excellent purpose for preparation. 

Marvel MHT-CET Mathematics

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11.Navneet MHT-CET Physics Part 1

It provides the mock test questions available online with the previous years solved questions. Getting through the intricacy of the physics questions is something that anyone of you considers hard. But this book presents the numerals in the detailed and comprehensive way. 

Navneet MHT-CET Physics Part 1

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12.Navneet MHT-CET Chemistry Part 1

The Navneet MHT-CHT Chemistry book brings the numerous range of questions to the aspirants. The formulas and numerical are solved as per the understanding of the students. It also contains the mock questions browsed through a net. You are sure to adhere to the given topic. 

Navneet MHT-CET Chemistry Part 1

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How to prepare for the MHT CET Engineering Exam

If you have divided the syllabus chapterwise then it helps you know about the level of preparation you have reached at and move as per the chapter, Following this the students are sure

to get well in the exam and  they will not ended up preparing with full loads of syllabus over their head.

The correct method to prepare the chapter is to be knowing about the time left for the exam. If there are 5 months before the exam approaches, it is better to learn chapter wise or as per the syllabus covered in school.

But if there is not much time to the exam , then you must prepare the syllabus altogether as per their importance.

It is recommended to get finished with one chapter first and then move to the next section. Before you sit for the exam, don’t forget to collect together the study material, Mock question paper along with the solved question papers of many books. It is not a good idea depending on one particular book, study other reference books for more information and revise the one chaper thoroughly.

Don’t be continued in doing your preparation as it will put pressure on the mind of the reader and therefore they will be not be able to revise open-minded, completely relaxed. If possible then go outdoors, take a walk around the garden, and the most important

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